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The book of Daniel closes with the promise that in the last days and shortly before the Messiah returns the book will be unlocked to our understanding. Daniel is composed in the apocalyptic style – complete with visions, dreams, and their interpretations. It tells of the sequence of kingdoms that will arise in the world leading up to the False Messiah, his kingdom, and battles. More information is given in Daniel about the False Messiah and his seven year reign than any other book in the Bible. While Daniel has been a cornerstone of prophetic study, the calculations of the days found in it have remained a mystery. Examine these teachings with us and marvel at how the Jewish calendar is the key to solving the calculations. This study of the book of Daniel adds a new dimension to the prophetic studies we’ve done in the past, such as the studies of Revelation, Isaiah, and the Book of Enoch.rn(Sixteen Audio CDs)

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