Introduction to the Oral Torah


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This four-tape set lays a solid foundation for understanding what is the Oral Torah. The Mishnah, Tosefta, and both editions of the Talmud (Yerushalmi and Bavli) are discussed. Each are defined in their history, authors, and purpose. The different versions available to the English-speaking student are discussed listing the advantages and disadvantages of each version. Various examples are looked at in order to experience a hands on learning session. This set was very well received in the classroom with several students claiming that they considered this to be one of our most valuable classes.rnThe Oral Torah is very important for students of the Word of G-d to learn to use. By learning to use the Oral Torah a student can easily expand his knowledge on most any subject of the scripture. Today many people are purchasing these tremendous tools without knowing how to use them. This will help get you started.rn(Four Audio Tapes)

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