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During the process of preparing this book, researchers discovered that the corner buildings around the Inner Courtyard of the Temple were much larger than anyone had prieviously seen. While researching these four corner buildings, they began to identify different named chambers within each building. This in turn gave a new understanding as to how the Temple functioned and the marvel of its design. Also as an added bonus, research confirmed the exact location of the Temple building, as well as many other structures of the Second Temple period. The illustrations have been revised as the research progressed giving a more accurate picture of the Temple and its environs. Due to questions posed by a leading Rabbi in Temple research, Volume I evolved from being a general book on the Temple to one specifically on these four corner buildings and all that had been discovered. In addition, research uncovered another major building directly behind the Temple building. Even though this structure was well documented from the Tanach, Talmud, and Temple Scroll, it had virtually been ignored in all modern day layouts of the Temple. This required adding several chapters and revisions to all the illustrations and diagrams contained to reflect these findings. Now we are proud to offer a view of the temple and its workings as never before seen Beautifully illustrated with over 109 full color illustrations and diagrams. This 9 x 12 , 308 page volume is a handsomely bound Leatherette-Library edition with gold-foil embossing. The cost is $110 Plus shipping and handling. The first 500 copies are signed and numbered.

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