Nasi ? The Prince in Ezekiel


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The ancient Jewish prophets were told many things of the Coming One, the Messiah, the King. While each of these prophets brought us different aspects, titles, and descriptions of the works the Messiah would perform, it was the prophet Ezekiel who showed us the Messiah as the Nasi (Prince). Ezekiel 40-48 presents the Temple after Messiah arrives with descriptions that have confounded both ancient and modern Biblical scholars. Probably the most unique aspect of this future Temple is that there is no High Priest. Rather, we meet the Prince who is both the civil and religious leader. Messiah, the Prince, is contrasted with his forerunner, Moses, who was also in a class of his own. Likewise, examine this teaching of Messiah?s role in the future Kingdom.rn(Two Audio Tapes)

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