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We have a limited number of prints available of beautiful artistic representations of Ruth, Ezekiel, Noah, and the Western Wall. This micro-calligraphic art, in beautiful hues of blues and rose, is a beautiful addition for any home, a wonderful gift idea, or a valuable visual teaching aid. Price includes shipping! rn
(Note … The total price including shipping is $25. The item price is $23.00 to reflect the standard addition of $2 to each order for shipping.)rn THE BOOK OF RUTH (in English) rnIn the ancient tradition of Micrography, the artist, Arye Dov, has taken the text of the Book of Ruth and created an image of Ruth gleaning in the fields. This is one of the few examples of Micrography in English! The entire text of the Book has been incorporated in the design. The artist has tried to convey Ruth’s personality; that of a proud self sufficient yet modest woman.Over her heart, the artist has inscribed Ruth’s pledge to her mother in law, Naomi: “…for wherever thou goest, I will go: …thy people shall be my people, and thy G-d my G-d: where thou diest, I will die, and there will I be buried….” The black script has been beautifully enhanced by the addition of watercolors. Print 12 x 16″

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