Sacrifice for Sin


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Behold the Lamb of G-d who takes away the sins of the world. Did you know that the lamb sacrificed at Passover was a kind of peace offering and that the sin offering sacrificed for the people was at Yom Kippur and was a goat? The Aramaic phrase ‘talya de laha’ means both Lamb of G-d and Servant of G-d. In Judaic thought, the idea of the servant suffering for the sins of the people is much more acceptable than the Pesach lamb being a substitute for sin. The statement would better be read, “Behold the Goat of G-d who takes away the sins of the world.” That sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? In this study, Joe references the ‘Servant of G-d’ (see the Ezekiel 4 or PTSS tape sets) and then focuses on the Yom Kippur Service in order to better understand the sin sacrifice. The conclusion is totally unexpected as the blood of bulls and goats is put into proper perspective.rn(Four Audio Tapes)

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