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As part of our Fall Sale, the entire set of First Enoch is available at a bargain!rnPart 1:rnFirst Enoch – The Similitudes Vol 1 Step back into time 2000 years and see what Jews of the First Century believed would occur in the ‘end of days.’ Prophecies from the books of Isaiah, Daniel and Revelation will come to life as never before. These parables are possibly the most important tool a student can possess in order to understand Jewish eschatology.rnPart 2:rnThe DVD series on the First Book of Enoch continues in this second volume. Intriguing details of the comparison with the Son of Man and the Ancient of Days is revealed. A key insight of the followers of the false messiah is found to be among the congregation of the righteous – not as infiltrators, but rather as proponents that their leader is the true messiah. Join us as we delve deeper into this amazing study.rnPart 3:rnOne of the most profound and mysterious characters of every facet of Jewish writings from the time of the First Century CE is the Azazel. Who does he represent? What does he have to do with the End Times. What does the Azazel have to do with Yom Kippur? Volume 3 presents a thorough examination of these questions and more. Just recently, new information has come to light on the Azazel that will be a revelation to the Old Timers.rnPart 4:rnThe heart of I Enoch, Book Two is centered around the Azazel, the Levyathan, and the Behemot. These Eschatological and mythological personalities from ancient Jewish texts, define our understanding of the Last Days. Volume 3 dealt with the Azazel. The Levyathan and the Behemot are the topic of Volume 4. This is the key to seeing messages about the Coming of the Messiah and the Great Judgment against HaSatan and his False Messiah.rnPart 5:rnThe fifth volume of First Enoch Book Two concludes the discussion on the Leviathan and Behemoth as they relate to the prophecies of the Last Days. Also included is a discussion of the judgments of both the righteous and the unrighteous. These chapters conclude with a glimpse into the Heavenly Court.rnPart 6:rnThe last volume of First Enoch Book Two finishes up with the judgments before the Heavenly Court. There is a strong emphasis on the role of the Son of Man. Also this volume reviews the key points of all the chapters covered.

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