The Jerusalem Series



In 2019 Debbie and Joseph Good visited Jerusalem with Scott and Val Cole. This was a unique opportunity to video special sites
in Jerusalem where we could really get into the sites in detail. Join us as we walk around the ancient walls of the Old City, teaching all along the way. Scott provided a video of all these select teachings in the Holy City – a video that goes much farther in depth than a tour allows. Many hours of video material broken down into segments, all presented on a flash drive.

The Video contains:

1. The Walls of the Old City (90 min)
2. Antonis Fortress: From inside the Mount (32 min)
3. Antonia Fortress: From outside the Mount (39 min)
4. Visit to the Temple Mount (46 min)
5. City of David to Shiloch Pool (34 min)
6. The Pilgrim’s Road (9 min)
7. Follow up to The Pilgrim’s Road (25 min)
8. Givati Parking Lot to the Southern Steps (48 min)
9. Doron Keidar and Joe Examine the Evidence (49 min)
10. Jerusalem Aqueduct Search (14 min)
11. Christ’s Church Schick Model (14 min)
12. Exploring Herod’s Palace (9 min)
13. THE Promised Land (7 min)
14. Remembering Oscar Schindler (5 min)

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