The Lost Key


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This two DVD set is a study of the expressions, terminology, and phrases that laced the language of the scriptures describing eschatological events. This terminology, derived from the Festivals, Agriculture, the Holy Temple and liturgy is missed by many who still see the prophecies through Christian eyes. Virtually every prophetic passage of both the Tanach and the New Testament are expressed through this phraseology. The Festivals of Rosh HaShanah through Yom Kippur are discussed in detail showing when the Resurrection of the Righteous Dead and the Righteous Living will take place, when the Wedding of the Messiah will occur and His coronation. Expressions for the time of the Tribulation, and details of the Coming of the Messiah are discussed as well as terms for the False Messiah. This set can greatly increase understanding of scripture that has such a bearing on the events that are at hand.

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