The Patriarchal Blessings


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Discover the intriguing legacy of the blessings the patriarchs delivered to their offspring. The blessings of old involved not only inheritance, but also prophecy regarding future nations. This tape set begins with the blessings of Noach and proceeds to the three major patriarchs of faith, Avraham, Yitzak, and Ya?acov. The last half of the tape set concentrates on the prophetic blessings of Ya?acov over the twelve tribes of Israel. Joseph and Debbie Good discuss at length the intricacies of the blessing of children during the Sabbath meal, the circumstances surrounding the blessings of the patriarchs, world events regarding the prophecies of the nations, and the Messiah. Although part of this teaching was delivered during a recent session of Chavurah, our weekly study and fellowship, the second half of the teaching has not been presented publicly before and is only available in this tape set. (Four Audio Tapes)

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