The Second Babylon: America in Prophecy, Parts 3 and 4


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In these two DVD’s the Biblical narrative of the Destruction of the United States begins to take on form. The Resurrection of the Righteous at Rosh haShanah 6001 is developed. Controversies concerning the catching away of the living believers are explained thoroughly and resolved. The aspects of the Coronation and the Wedding of the Messiah are also interwoven with Rosh haShanah. Why? What does Rosh Hashanah have to do with the destruction of the United States? In almost every passage onrnthe Destruction of Babylon there are major discourses on the above themes and term nology directly related to Rosh haShanah. Examine the evidence and see for yourself. The timing in the Birthpains of thernMessiah for the destruction of the USA is the key to understanding this prophesied time.

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