The Waving of the Omer


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Four hours of Teaching and Questions. CD FormatrnThis ceremony conducted within the week of Hag haMatzah (Festival of Unleavened Bread) has been surrounded by controversy for two thousand years. Also known as the Festival of the First fruits of the Barley Harvest has special significance with the resurrection of Yeshua. The elaborate method of cutting, preparing, and waving the Barley Loaves is explained. This is the third bread offering the class has examined expanding not only our understanding of these important bread offerings but also what spiritual lessons may be learned from them. With the waving of the Barley Loaves a fifty day count down begins ending with Shavuot. This day and the fifty days to Shavuot relate very interestingly to crossing of the Sea by Israel as they left Egypt in the original Passover and their journey to Mount Sinai.

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