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Temple preparation is never far from the center of discussion at Hatikva Ministries. How’s the red heifer, what article is the Temple Institute working on, what new bit of information was gleaned about the Temple floorplan? Sometimes anticipated news seems so long in the coming that the final confirmation becomes a formality and we neglect to pass along the information. Therefore, Joe is planning to do a series of short tape sets about Temple preparation called “To Build the Temple”. These will focus on the problems and frustrations of Temple Preparation and the solutions which arise.rnThis first set of four tapes concerns the current red heifer candidate and decisions to be made about the red heifer ceremony. Not only must a red heifer be prepared, but there must also be knowledgeable and qualified priests. And in this set Joe sets out the problems in the floorplans of the Temple. At the same time, there is too much information and not enough information. Joe takes one area of the Temple and shows the conflicts within the various descriptions.rnCome – sit, listen, and learn of the problems and conflicts with Temple preparation, and then rejoice with us as G-d shows the solution – each in it’s time.rn(Four Audio CDs)

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