War against Judaism


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The continuing war against the Jewish people is well known and certainly well documented. However, people seldom consider that there is another anti-semitic war taking place; The War Against Judaism. All of us have experienced it, either as one who waged the war or became one of its targets. What is this war? Have you ever heard someone profess their love for the Jews and Israel but they were bothered by an individual who took up a Torah observant lifestyle. How about those looks you get when you pass up the shell fish or pork and have adopted a kosher diet. The list goes on and on. If it’s not the Kipah or the Sabbath or HaShem’s festivals, it’s your new vocabulary, from Yeshua to the Tanach or Torah. These eight 30-minute programs not only expose but address the problem. They are now available on two 2-hour DVDs.

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