Word by Word – Friday Night at Home Siddur


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Word by Word Prayer Book Series divides the Hebrew Prayer Book into 24 Courses. Each component is further broken down to a sub-section where you are taught one word at a time. You learn the meaning of the Hebrew words in Prayer sentence context, and as a standalone Hebrew word. This will help you quickly build your Hebrew Prayer Vocabulary. After you learn the meaning you are taught the pronunciation in Hebrew. To further clarify the pronunciation of the Hebrew, each word is transliterated, and pronounced in clear human voice with an Israeli Sephardic dialect. We all know that a good foundation in Hebrew Vocabulary is essential to understanding the Hebrew Prayers. Word by Word will give you that, and more. From now on, praying will be exciting – you will be able to focus on the meaning of what you are praying and appreciate what you are saying. AMEN!Some of the features of Word by Word – Hebrew Friday Night At Home include:
Learn at your own pace – word by word.
Learn the meaning of every word.
Learn the Pronunciation of every word.
Hear every word Pronounced in clear Israeli Sephardic Dialect.
View English transliteration of each word in either Ashkenaz Dialect or Sephardic Dialect.
Over 70 Prayer and songs are included.