Zechariah, Haggai, and Malachi


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Although Zechariah is termed a “Minor Prophet”, it is only from the number of words – not from the content of his message. He is one of the later Tanach prophets, and as such, has a rich treasure of prophecy to build upon. Whether it’s the four horses and their messages of destruction, the symbolism of the lamp stand and two olive trees, or the future of the False Messiah as he occupies Israel, Zechariah’s visions are full of mental images and insights into the things of G-d. More than any other prophet, Zechariah profoundly shows Messiah as both king and priest. No prophetic understanding is complete without the knowledge of Zechariah.rnThe study of Zechariah includes the contemporary prophets Malachi and Haggai, and in them is made a most important statement concerning the building of the Temple and the status of the priesthood and Levites of their time. These three prophets give us key information that is being used today in preparations for the building of the Third Temple.rnDo you have a computer or MP3 capable CD/DVD player? Order in MP3 format on CD-rom and save half!rn(Thirty-six Audio Tapes)

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